SiCa Cored Wire Alloy Cored Wire

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Place of Origin:

Henan, China (Mainland)


Model Number:CaSi, Calcium cored wire


Delivery time:15 days

Port of Load:Tianjin Qingdao 

Packing: steel cages /steel pallets

Powder weight:220 +/- 10g/m

CaSi  cored wire

Core wire technology is a new treatment in steelmaking refining process  developed in recent years, alloy core wire can purify the molten steel, change the inclusion form, improve the final product quality , it can also increase the alloy yield rate  ,cut down prodcution cost and reduce material consumption.



1.Keep alloy stable performance function, reducing steelmaking cost.


2.Changing the inclusion form to improve the steel mechanical property and quality.


3.Simple injection method and machine ,safe and reliable ,less area covering .




Physical and Chemical Properties


Main content (%)

Powder weight(g/m)

Steel pipe thickness(mm)

Wire Weight (g/m)

Wire Diameter (mm)

SiCa Cored Wire


Si55 Ca30


220 +/- 10








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