Submerged entry nozzle types and features


1 Fused silica  nozzle

  The the quartz nozzle features  are: good thermal shock resistance, high mechanical strength and chemical stability, good resistance to acid slag erosion. It is not required to be baked before use. This type nozzle is suitable for casting general steel grades. It is not suitable for casting steel grades with high manganese content, otherwise service life will be shorten .


2 Aluminum carbon nozzle

  The aluminum carbon nozzle is mainly made of corundum and graphite. It is suitable for casting of various steels, especially for special steel casting, and has little pollution to molten steel. The composition of the nozzle can be adjusted according to the pouring time and the steel grade, or a layer of more corrosion-resistant material can be used to increase the service life of the nozzle. The aluminum carbon nozzle must be baked before use, otherwise there is a risk of cracking.