Why you should choose zirconium material

Lot of components will be needed In the steel industry, nozzles is a common refractory material widely used because of it's good  performance . Some times expansion of diameter will happen , we will   explore the causes of this  problem .

Sizing nozzle is mainly used for puring,pouring speed depends on  height of molten steel level and the diameter of the nozzle.  It can be seen that nozzle diameter should remain basically unchanged   in the whole process of pouring,.

We will choose zirconium material to produce nozzles , because the zirconium material is not easy to sinter, can effectively avoid the nozzle expansion. But if the sintering degree nozzle is not good,  nozzle strength will decrease and cause  expansion. We can  choose different zirconium content of  sizing nozzle according to diffenrent puring time, the higher the zirconium content, the longer service  life of the sizing nozzle will be .


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