Silicon Carbide SiC

Silicon Carbide SiC
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Place of Origin:Henan,China


Name:Silicon Carbide(Carborundum)/SiC

Color:black/ green

Bulk density:1.4-1.55 g/m3

Mosh hardness:9.1

Packing:25kg/bag ,50kg/bag with woven bag,  or according to customer’s requirement.

Port of load:Tianjin ,Qingdao 


Silicon carbide is divided into black SiC and green SiC, both are hexagonal crystaline structures.Silicon carbide is used in many fields  due to its stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity,  and good wear resistance. It can be used as abrasive, and making high-grade refractory materials which is light in weight, good strength, and energy-saving. Low grade silicon carbide be produced to deoxidizer, which can speed up steelmaking and control chemical composition of molten steel to improve the finnal product quality . In addition, silicon carbide is also widely used to make silicon carbide rods for electric heating elements.


(1) It can be used to make  grinding tool, such as grinding wheel, nd grinding head.

(2) Can be used as metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material.

(3) High-purity single crystal which can be used for manufacturing semiconductors and silicon carbide fibers.

(4)silicon carbide is coated inside of cylinder to prolong life of cylinder .

 Silicon carbide deoxidizer is a new type  composite deoxidizer, which can  replace the traditional silicon powder and carbon powder for deoxidation. Compared with the original process, its physical and chemical properties are more stable, the deoxidation effect is better, the deoxidation time is shortened and energy saving.Improving steel making efficiency,and quality of steel, reducing the consumption of raw materials, reducing environmental pollution, and improving the comprehensive economic benefits of electric furnaces.

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