Silicon Carbide For Foundry

Silicon Carbide For Foundry
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Silicon carbide is mainly used for electric furnace and cupola, as a deoxidizer for the casting and steel industry (special steel, stainless steel, T iron, G iron, K iron and other factories can be used.) Improve the furnace temperature , Shorten the melting time, increase steel production, play carbon, deoxidation, silicon, heating and other effects, but also as a substitute for ferrosilicon use. And in the furnace will not produce dust pollution, the reaction speed, reduce costs , Is a new way in the process of steelmaking. Advantages of using SIC:

1, useful metal oxide is reduced to metal in steel is absorbed, reduce the loss of molten steel, increase production.

2, silicon carbide oxidation of the reaction heat generated, can reduce the amount of electricity used to shorten the operating time.

3, in the production of manganese steel, chrome steel in the process, can reduce the loss of manganese, chromium.

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