Foundry Refining Silicon Slag Ball

Foundry Refining Silicon Slag Ball
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The silica residue is actually the residue of some materials after the smelting of the original ore. These materials are called silica slag and silicon slag contains a certain amount of silicon.

There are many kinds of silicon slag, industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag, semiconductor silicon slag and so on.

Silicon slag can be used to re-crystallize, purify, and is now in short supply.

Silicon slag is ferrosilicon production process with products, mainly used in steel slag to pig iron smelting, improve furnace temperature, promote the slag discharge, increase the label, can also be used for small casting furnace, alternative ferrosilicon, improve the liquidity of molten iron, improve the toughness of the casting and cutting ability.

Silicon slag natural block factory or particle size requirements according to customers.

Export, domestic sales are all available, a large supply.

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