Advantages Of Anhydrous Refractory Stemming

Green taphole clay is a new type clay which can be dividend into two kinds: Anhydrous clay and hydrous clay.

Generally, hydrous taphole clay is composed of clay clinker, coke powder and pitch which is used in small-sized blast furnace. While used in large-and-medium sized blast furnace, anhydrous clay is made of high aluminum material with additives like silicon carbide and carbon materials so as to maintain the depth of taphole.

Anhydrous refractory stemming has such features as follows:

1. High strength and stable maintainence to the condition of the blast furnace, hence lead to the improvement of output.

2. Strong slag-resistance and low consumption of per ton taphole clay.

3. Have a certain expansion performance, appropriate apparent porosity and strength. It is suitable for the blast furnace more than 2000m³。