Application And Production Of Silicon Carbide

    Silicon carbide materials in our lives is a common material, the application is very extensive, but also made a lot of silicon carbide products, in these products, silicon carbide is a very important one, in recent years, the application is also more Many. Silicon carbide ceramics is an extremely important material, it is in the field of engineering and all walks of life have a wide range of applications.The development of silicon carbide ceramics is very complex in the ceramic ball, abrasive abrasive, silicon carbide ceramic matrix composites and other The application prospect of silicon carbide ceramics in industrial field and the important application of high-tech silicon carbide ceramics are forecasted, and it is pointed out that there should be a sense of urgency to develop silicon carbide ceramic production technology. The following are the same as the "Silicon Carbide

    Silicon carbide This material has been applied in many areas of life, our daily life has caused a lot of impact, but also become a very common material in our lives, let's take a look at the silicon carbide material. Silicon carbide excellent physical and chemical properties, so that it in the petroleum, chemical, microelectronics, automotive, aerospace, laser, atomic energy, machinery, metallurgical industry widely used. Such as grinding wheel, nozzle, bearings, seals, gas turbine moving blades, reflective screen substrate, engine parts, refractories and so on. Although silicon carbide is an excellent abrasive and excellent functional materials, but smelting silicon carbide power consumption, the average consumption of 9000 degrees per ton, accounting for more than 30% of production costs. So when the application of silicon carbide in the application of some of the less expensive products than the more expensive is also very normal, the application of silicon carbide materials in our life is a very common material, in many industries have applied to his Application knowledge We have introduced a lot, today we come to understand the silicon carbide production process.Silicon Carbide  There are two kinds of silicon carbide production process: one for the new material method (used for the production of black silicon carbide); the other for the roasting method. (Used for the production of green silicon carbide). The new material is obtained by adding the new material into the resist furnace by the reaction smelting of the silicon carbide product, and the melting material to the new material first installed in the bottom of the resistance furnace and both sides of the roasting to remove the coke volatile Sintered into larger particles. And then the obtained baking material into the next furnace reaction zone smelting.Silicon Carbide