Application Of Alkaline Refractory

Basic refractory magnesium oxide, calcium oxide as the main ingredient, is commonly used bricks. Over 80%~85% of magnesia brick containing magnesium oxide, alkaline slag and iron has very good resistance, high fire-resistant than clay bricks and brick. Mainly used for open-hearth furnace, blowing oxygen converter, electric furnace, nonferrous metal smelting equipment, as well as on a number of high temperature equipment.

Application of refractory materials with a high temperature oxide material on special occasions, such as aluminum oxide and lanthanum oxide, beryllium oxide, calcium oxide, Zirconia and refractory compounds materials, such as carbides, nitrides, borides, silicides and sulfides such as hot composites, mainly metal and fiber-reinforced ceramics, high temperature inorganic coatings ceramics.

Frequently used AZS refractory bricks, corundum brick, direct bond magnesia-chrome brick, silicon carbide, Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide brick tiles, nitrides, silicides, sulfides, boride, carbide, non-oxide refractory; calcium oxide, chromium oxide, alumina, magnesium oxide and refractory materials such as beryllium oxide.