Application Of Silicon Carbide In Industry

Is a kind of particle reinforced metal matrix composite material, using Al alloy as the matrix, according to the design requirements, in a certain form, proportion and distribution of state, with SiC particles as a reinforcement, constitute a clear interface of multiple sets of composite materials, both single Metal does not have the comprehensive superior performance.Silicon Carbide

Applications: Aerospace, microwave integrated circuits, power modules Si content of 70wt% SiC volume accounted for 50% -75% AlSiC research and development earlier, the theory described more perfect, the first varieties of electronic packaging materials to achieve the scale of industrialization, to meet the semiconductor chip The degree of integration increases along the Moore's Law, resulting in a sharp increase in chip heat generation, a decline in service life, and a "thin and small" development requirement for electronic packaging. Especially in the aerospace, microwave integrated circuits, power modules, military RF system chip packaging analysis is extremely prominent, as the application of packaging materials, an important trend.Silicon Carbide

There are several kinds of reinforced metal matrix composites, SiC is one of the most widely used, it is because it has excellent thermal properties, used as a grain abrasive technology is mature, the price is relatively low; the other hand, the particle reinforcement Material is isotropic, the most conducive to the realization of net forming. AlSiC characteristics mainly depend on the volume fraction (content) and distribution of SiC and the size of the particle size, and the Al alloy composition. According to the two-phase ratio or the heat treatment state of the composite material, the thermal and mechanical properties of the material can be designed to meet the performance requirements of the chip package in many aspects. Among them, SiC volume fraction is particularly important, practical application, AlSiC and chip or ceramic matrix in direct contact, require CTE as much as possible, for this SiC volume percentage vol is usually 50% -75%. Silicon Carbide