Brief Introduction Of Deoxidizer

              People in the development of food production and food processing, food preservation is highly valued. In order to achieve food preservation, preservation, and prolong the shelf life of food products, people use a variety of preservation technology, such as refrigeration, irradiation and so on. But the most convenient and economical technology is the use of deoxidation agent preservation methods.Deoxidizer

             The deoxidation agent is an additive that absorbs oxygen and slows down the oxidation of food. Deoxidation agent can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and aerobic bacteria, prolong food shelf life, in the prevention of oil spoilage, prevent the oxidation of meat browning and prevent the loss of vitamins in food can also play a very good role.Deoxidizer

             The deoxidation agent can be used in baking food to prevent the mildew of the cake; in the process of storing fresh meat to prevent the myoglobin from being oxidized, it achieves the function of removing the oxygen and protecting color; it has the effect of inhibiting fat oxidation and preventing the growth of mould. In tea packaging discoloration and the oxidation of vitamins, so if the moisture-proof, shading at the same time plus deoxidation packaging, in the Low-temperature storage after one years, can still make green tea to keep soup clear leaves the state of a fresh drink; in solid beverages, the use of deoxidation packaging, through gas balance , remove the oxygen in the milky structure, prevent the appearance of stale or other peculiar smell; deoxidation packaging technology is used to remove the oxygen from puffed sponge structure in puffed food, which is the main process of frying. prevent oil oxidation; in cereal food, the deoxidation packaging removes oxygen, can prevent the worm to eat and mildew, use in peanuts, walnuts, sesame oil can prevent and defeat the fat, in fruit and vegetables dry product or powder, can prevent vitamin denaturation and discoloration.Deoxidizer