Crude Oil Desulfurization Agent

            sy-517 crude oil Desulfurizer is mainly an oil-soluble heterocyclic compound used for chemical removal of hydrogen sulfide in natural gas, crude oil and fuel oil, and mercaptan, which produces irreversible reaction with hydrogen sulfide, and the reaction speed is faster and the temperature is favorable to the removal of mercaptan. Crude oil desulfurization is in order to store and process reduce sulfide such as sulfite production, thereby reducing the corrosion of equipment in the sulfur in crude oil in hydrogen sulfide or elemental sulfur exist, at this time can be added to the strong oxidant to remove sulfur, if the addition of too much or the occurrence of high temperature is easy to fire, according to active components are divided into alkaline earth metal compound desulfurizer, Nio/mgo/al2o3 and Mno/al2o Desulfurizer, ZnO desulfurizer and nickel as active components of desulfurizing agent.Desulfurizer

            Crude oil Desulfurizer-working principle in the Desulfurization tower with Desulfurizer to absorb hydrogen sulfide in the gas, at the same time the hydrogen cyanide in the gas is also absorbed. Ammonia in the gas is water in the ammonia tower, which is due to the general preference of Chinese crude oil, and high wax content, diesel oil yield is low, domestic crude oil fraction of the average crude oil $number hundred points.Desulfurizer

            Crude oil Desulfurizer-using Method 1, mix with natural gas, crude oil and fuel oil to be treated. This product can be added to the pipeline, or it can be added in mixing equipment such as absorber towers or scrubber towers. 2, enhanced mixing is beneficial to improve the removal effect of hydrogen sulfide. The recommended dosage in the oil is 50-500ppm, and the specific amount should be determined by the test. 3, the experiment will be to remove hydrogen sulfide oil in the airtight container, add a quantitative desulfurizer, fully mixed with 30min, gas chromatograph to determine the top space of the airtight container hydrogen sulfide content, in order to identify the best use and treatment effect. Heating is beneficial to the removal of mercaptan.Desulfurizer