Deoxidation Agent Plays An Important Role In Food Packaging

               The packaging of the deoxidation agent is made of double-layer material, the composite inner layer with holes and the compound outer layer with holes are filled with the contents of the Deoxidation agent in the inner layer, and there are voids between the composite inner layer and the composite outer layer, and the holes in the composite inner layers are anchored with each other on the composite outer layers. This kind of deoxidation agent bag is mainly used for food preservation, the design structure is reasonable, the content of deoxidation agent does not contact with food directly, does not pollute the food, the quality of preservation is ideal.Deoxidizer

                The Deoxidation agent, also known as free oxygen absorbent, free oxygen remover or deoxidation agent, is a kind of material that can absorb oxygen. In the food sealed packaging, at the same time put into the packaging can remove the oxide, remove the packaging container free oxygen and dissolved oxygen, to prevent food due to oxidation and mildew, deterioration and so on.Deoxidizer

               The use of deoxidation agent in food can not only inhibit the quality deterioration of content, and can maintain the original color of food, incense, taste, pest control, bacteria growth, maintenance of nutrients, prolong the freshness of time, so the use of deoxidation Agent fresh food is a good quality, effective, convenient and safe packaging preservation methods.Deoxidizer

               The most commonly used iron-series Deoxidation agent and sulfite deoxidation agent. Deoxidization is based on chemical reaction, so its ability to remove oxygen varies with the reaction series, time and temperature. When a quick-acting deoxidation agent is present in a sealed packaging container, the free oxygen is reduced to less than 1% within 1 hours and eventually reduced to 0.2%. The slow-effect deoxidation agent takes 12-24 hours, but the ultimate ability to remove oxygen is the same, while free oxygen can be reduced to less than 0.2%.Deoxidizer