The deoxidation agent can be divided into two kinds according to its composition: (1) It is an deoxidation agent with inorganic matrix as the main body, such as reducing iron powder. The principle is that iron powder is oxidized to iron hydroxide in the presence of oxygen and water vapor. As a sulfite deoxidation agent, it is a two-sulfite agent, with CA (OH) 2 and activated carbon as a deputy agent, in the water environment to react. (2) Organic matrix is the main body, such as enzymes, ascorbic acid, oleic acid and so on. Ascorbic acid (AA) itself is a reducing agent, in the case of aerobic, the use of copper ions as catalysts can be oxidized or dehydrogenation of ascorbic acid (DHAA), in order to remove the oxygen in the environment, this method is commonly used to remove the oxygen in the liquid food, ascorbic acid deoxidation agent is currently used in the safety of the higher one, the enzyme is commonly used in the deoxidation agent is glucose oxidation alcohol, the use of glucose oxidation to glucose acid when oxygen consumption to achieve deoxidation purposes.Deoxidizer

                 The commonly used reaction principle of deoxidation agent is iron powder oxidation (iron system), enzyme oxidation (enzyme system), ascorbic acid oxidation, light sensitive dye oxidation, etc. Most of the Deoxidation agents currently in use are based on iron powder oxidation reactions. This kind of iron-series Deoxidation agent can be made into a bag, in the packaging, so that the concentration of oxygen to 0.01%. Generally requires 1g iron powder and 300mL of oxygen reaction, when used according to the residual oxygen content and packaging membrane oxygen permeability selection of appropriate dosage. Products used include candy, dried seafood snacks, cooked meat products, rice cakes, pasta, cheese, dried vegetables. In addition to the bagged deoxidation agent, a plastic label containing active iron powder or a variety of cards is inserted into the package.Deoxidizer

                 The deoxidation agent can be used alone, and can also be used in combination with the gas-adjusting package. In practice, gas-adjusted packaging is used to remove most of the oxygen, and the method of removing residual oxygen in the package with less quantity of deoxidation agent. The main deoxidation methods were precipitated deoxidation, diffusion deoxidation and vacuum deoxidation. In addition to modern steelmaking can also be used vacuum equipment to deoxidation, such as VD Furnace, VOD furnace and so on.Deoxidizer