Grinding Technology Of Ferro Silicon

                 The application of silicon-Ferroalloy micro-powder in the beneficiation industry as a suspension medium has not been studied at home and abroad for its crushing processing. The crushing of Ferrosilicon is limited by many conditions, its most obvious feature is that it is easily oxidized when crushing to a certain size, and the oxidized ferrosilicon powder will lose its original function. Therefore, the temperature of the material must be controlled to prevent oxidation. It is difficult to meet the needs of large quantities of industry, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the finished grains by single machine crushing ferrosilicon powder to achieve the required granularity by vacuum, argon (or nitrogen).Ferro Silicon

                 After more than two years of research and experiments, developed in domestic and foreign industry with advanced technical level of mechanical crushing metal alloy crushing system, that is: at room temperature without gas protection production and processing of ferrosilicon ultrafine crushing system equipment. The system is compact, fair, high output, can reach 30~50kg/h, operation, maintenance convenient, small footprint, and no pollution, can meet the market on the quality and production of ferrosilicon powder competition requirements. Second, the technical characteristics: 1, the system uses closed loop loop, the spiral feeder, high-frequency vibratory grinder, sieving machine, fan, transmission pipeline, cyclone set and dust collector as a whole, form a complete production process, through the air-cooled and water-cooled system to control the material temperature at room temperature or low temperature, so as to completely solve the problem of easy oxidation of ferrosilicon, and in the process of crushing no fire, no oxidation, no pollution, no interruption, with continuous production capacity. 2, Ferrosilicon as a mineral material, high hardness, more important, so the equipment wear more serious.Ferro Silicon

                 For this host and auxiliary equipment using high-quality stainless steel material, the pipeline using polymer wear-resistant materials (or liner wear-resistant materials) so as to overcome the need to constantly replace the shortcomings of vulnerable parts. 3, the process system equipment for the processing of neodymium iron and boron and other medium hardness of the material more suitable, and thus has a wide range of applicability. Our company processing and production of ferrosilicon powder is the selection of high-quality ferrosilicon smelting process made by the system after processing of ferrosilicon powder finished particle size 200~600 mesh between. Among them, Ferrosilicon 15 (the proportion of silicon in the alloy is about 15%) is mainly used in the flotation industry; Ferrosilicon 65, 75 can be used in the later smelting process, such as steelmaking, cast steel, casting, as a deoxidation agent and inoculant, its commonly used specifications are around 2mm, in molybdenum, titanium, tungsten and other alloy smelting as a reducing agent used, its specifications for the 60~200 between the eyes; also can be used in welding materials industry and electrode coating, the company can also be processed according to customer needs of different grain size of the ferrosilicon powder products To meet the different needs of the market. Third, process materials → coarse crushing → superfine crushing → sieving → collection.Ferro Silicon