Henan Province Found Gold Mine Nearly 40 Tons Which Can Be Excavated 42 Years

Reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Songxian Land Resources Bureau, Luoyang Song County found large gold deposits, gold content of nearly 40 tons, to large gold standards, is expected to be excavated 42 years. Songxian is located in the southwest of Luoyang City, Henan Province, known as the ancient capital of Luoyang after the garden, the natural resources are extremely rich, has proven gold reserves of 420 tons, with an annual output of 14,000 gold, is one of the eight major gold producing counties.


Over the years, Song County integrated exploration projects, including Huai Shuping gold mine, Dongwan gold mine, seven acres of ditch gold mine, grinding ditch gold mine, on the road back ditch lead mine, cut Longgang lead mine, Wafang lead and two estuaries Molybdenum ore 8 exploration rights. Huai Shu Ping gold mine detailed investigation of the field work has been completed, the estimated amount of resources more than 30 tons, to large-scale; Dongwan gold mine detailed investigation has been completed, to explore the amount of gold resources 6.3 tons, the average grade 3.24 g / t, scale. According to the estimated degree of engineering control, the two mines can be submitted to the metal nearly 40 tons, is expected to be completed after the mine service for 42 years.