Introduction Of Sealing Performance Of Zirconia Insert

     Sampling test Type oxygen probe, the sampling method is through the guide tube, will be measured gas into the zirconium oxide test room, and then through the heating element to heat the zirconium oxide to the working temperature (750 ℃ above). Zirconium oxide is generally tubular and porous platinum electrodes are used. Its advantage is not affected by the detection of gas temperature, through the use of different diversion tube can detect various temperature gases in the oxygen content, this flexibility is used in many industrial online detection.Zirconia Insert

     The disadvantage is that the reaction time is slow; complex structure, easy to influence the detection accuracy, the sampling tube is easy to jam when the detected gas impurity is more, the porous platinum electrode is susceptible to the corrosion of sulfur and arsenic in the gas and the blockage of fine dust; the heater is usually heated with an electric stove wire, and its life is not long. When the detected gas temperature is low (0℃~650℃), or when the measured gas is cleaner, it is suitable to adopt style detection methods, such as nitrogen machine oxygen measurement, laboratory oxygen measurement.Zirconia Insert

    Sealing performance is one of the most critical technologies of this zirconia oxygen probe. At present, the most advanced connection mode in the world, it is the permanent welding of zirconia and alumina pipe together, its sealing performance is excellent, and the method of mining style detection, straight-plug detection has obvious advantages: zirconia direct contact with the gas, high detection accuracy, rapid reaction, maintenance is small. Zirconia Insert

    The porous Platinum (PT) Electrodes were sintered on two sides of the zirconia electrolyte (ZrO2 tube), at a certain temperature, when the oxygen concentration on both sides of the electrolyte is not at the same time, the oxygen molecule of the high concentration side (air) is adsorbed on the platinum electrode and the electron (4e) is combined to form the oxygen ion $modeltype, so that the electrode is positively charged, The $modeltype ions are transferred to the PT electrode on the low oxygen concentration by the oxygen ion vacancy in the electrolyte to release the electrons and convert the oxygen molecule into a negative electrode.Zirconia Insert

    The working principle of zirconia oxygen sensor is shown. The ceramic body of the zirconium tube is a porous body, and the oxygen can permeate the porous solid electrolyte. When the temperature is high, oxygen is ionized. As long as the zirconium tube (air) outside (exhaust) Baer as oxygen content, there is a difference in oxygen concentration, then in the solid electrolyte internal oxygen ions from the air side to the exhaust side of the diffusion, so that the zirconium tubes to form a micro-battery, in the zirconium tube platinum electrode generated voltage.Zirconia Insert