Is SiC Good To Continuous Casting Production?

Silicon Carbide can be used as both deoxidization and carburant. It is helpful to continuous casting which find a solution in improving the quality of steel for converter.

The advantage of SiC for steel making:

1. Compared with Ferro Silicon, the impurities after reaction with SiC are lower than after reaction with FeSi.

2. Given the same production conditions, adding 3.5kg SiC in 1 ton molten steel can increase C 0.15~1.18% and yield rate be more than 86%.

3. When using SiC to deoxidize and recarburize, the steel hit rate can be improved over 85.7%.

4. silicon carbide technology is simple and easy to operate, very popular with the workers before the furnace.

5. Reduce the cost of steel making and obtain significant economic benefits.