Operating Procedures And Instructions For Refractory Materials

    The High-temperature resistance test machine for refractory is a special testing equipment for resisting pressure and flexural performance in high temperature environment. Refractory is the use of engineering materials at high temperature, its flexural properties play a leading role in the high temperature structure strength of kiln, because of its extensive application of quality safety and performance safety by more scientific research institutions and manufacturers attention. High-temperature anti-folding refractory material is equipped with stable and high-precision servo loading system, which is a new high tech content instrument.Refractory Materials

    High temperature resistance test machine operating Procedures: The power supply, start the power button, check the circuit and the oil line is normal. According to the measurement range of the specimen, the corresponding pendulum is elected in the pendulum, and the buffer valve handle is adjusted to the standard calibration line. According to the nature of the test and the size of the specimen, the corresponding upper and lower bearing plate, fixture and bending Core press head are selected. According to the test nature, the specimen prepared according to the standard is placed in the relative position.Refractory Materials

    Press the Start button, tighten back valve, unscrew the delivery valve, until the piston rises from the bottom of the cylinder ~ 10mm, adjust the pointer to 0. According to the test requirements of the loading speed adjustment of the delivery valve loading test. After the test specimen is finished, close the delivery valve, press the Stop button, and slowly unscrew the valve. After unloading, according to the test request to record the value, the passive pointer dial back to 0 points, so that the instrument restored to the static state, remove the damage specimen. Close the circuit after the test, clean the equipment and pay attention to the calibration and routine maintenance.Refractory Materials

    Refractory material High temperature flexural testing machine maintenance and maintenance: The installation of the test machine environment should be clean, dry without source and corrosive gases exist. Keep the equipment clean and hygienic and prevent rust. Do a clean and hygienic work every time you finish the experiment. Regular check to keep the test machine in good condition, maintain the integrity of the equipment components. Refractory Materials

    The tester shall replace the hydraulic oil with the specific conditions. Periodic cycle verification + guaranteed indication error meets the requirements. Test Confidential in accordance with the requirements of the manual use within the scope of use, and to do the correct operation, and in the test should pay attention to the test pieces placed correctly do not eccentric plus load. Establish maintenance and maintenance system to determine the person responsible for the use of maintenance records.Refractory Materials