Performance Of Refractory Materials

      Refractory Warehouse is an important construction facility to keep the quality of building materials in order to prevent refractory material and insulation from being confused, spoiled or damp during storage and preservation. The auxiliary materials used for the construction of the furnace and the construction materials that are not damp are also stored in the refractory warehouse. The structural form of refractory warehouse should be determined according to different areas and different construction objects. It is generally divided into two types: assembling type and non assembly type. Refractory Materials
      Assembly-type refractory warehouses-general use of light steel structure columns and trusses, red brick or asbestos wall, galvanized corrugated iron or asbestos roofing, steel and steel sliding door.Refractory Materials
      This kind of warehouse can be used for turnover, and the cost of one-off investment is higher, which is suitable for the construction of the Furnace with a long duration and larger refractory quantity. Non-assembled refractory warehouse. The general use of Chinese fir rod or bamboo rod lashing, can also use steel pipe fastener lashing, walls and roofing using galvanized corrugated iron or asbestos maintenance. This kind of warehouse can be used locally, but the service life is short, the column in the storehouse is many, the effective usable area is reduced, only suitable for the construction project with short duration and less refractory material quantity. The span of refractories warehouses shall be determined according to the terrain conditions and the most effective area of use. The span of large refractory warehouse is generally 15~zom and medium is 12~ZSM. Kai mouth height is generally not less than 3m.Refractory Materials
      The use of the requirements of refractories warehouse flooring to be solid, can be used concrete, red brick or slag to make cushion layer, wall and roof is strictly prohibited leakage, water seepage; The warehouse in the mainland to be higher than outdoor flooring, warehouses around to build drains; The warehouse area is determined by factors such as quantity, type, packing stacking form, loading and unloading method of refractories. Generally, the total reserves are calculated and should include the auxiliary area of the human and transportation lines. Refractory Materials
      The area of the general refractory warehouse is calculated by the following formula:. Q-f Two ning juice PK type F for the warehouse area, m; Q is the material storage quantity, t; the corpse is 2 area per metre material pile quantity, t/mz; K is the effective utilization coefficient of warehouse area (affected by material stacking form, loading and unloading method and so on).Refractory Materials