Properties Of Metal Alloys

      The chemical analysis equipment used must meet the requirement of periodical verification and obtain the certificate issued by the relevant principal quantity department to put into the analysis task. Equipment environment: temperature, humidity, etc. should conform to the requirements of the instrument specification, instrument analysis and standard solution calibration used in the capacity apparatus, must have the relevant measurement departments of the certificate, and meet the requirements of cycle verification. Use of distilled water and analytical pure chemicals. The maintenance of equipment and instruments shall be maintained by the professional technicians on a regular basis as required by the specification.Metal Alloys
     The use of the process, such as the discovery of equipment failure, should immediately report professional group attack, General fault manager of the measurement center agreed to exclude, the larger fault should be timely reporting equipment management Department, repaired by professional repair personnel. The working environment of chemical Wet analysis and instrumental analysis should be kept clean and well ventilated. The relative humidity of the direct reading Spectrum room is 25% to 75%, the temperature is 18-25°c, and the air should be activated to the wet machine or air conditioner. Idle personnel may not enter the analysis room at will, to the analysis room to visit the study personnel, must be approved by the competent leader, can enter.Metal Alloys
      According to the use description and test analysis method, it is equipped with suitable wet method analysis and Spectrum standard sample. Commissioned units must be strictly in accordance with the incoming raw materials acceptance standards and process requirements into the sampling, sampling by the inspectors responsible. Inspectors to send samples according to physical and chemical testing requirements, carefully fill in the name of the specimen, commissioned units, the number of the      Commission, material, material status, analysis items and the scope of eligibility, as well as inspectors to sign and send sample date, the sample should be clean, no oil, no burrs, clear signs. The physical and chemical room specimen mailroom according to the sample content, inspects the sample and the Commission content, the symbol request registers, otherwise has the right to reject.Metal Alloys
     Chemical analysis sampling According to GB, line standard, enterprise standard of the relevant provisions by the person responsible for the system, and the quality of the sample is responsible for.Metal Alloys