Related Application Characteristics Of Metal Alloys

     An alloy consisting of other elements, based on a metal in precious metals. Precious metal alloys have the main characteristics of precious metals, which have better physical, chemical and mechanical properties than single precious metals, and the characteristics of high reliability, stability and long life. A high-temperature method for smelting noble metal alloys is provided. By 1847, precious metals can be smelted except osmium and ruthenium. After 1892, arc furnace and induction furnace appeared successively, and the smelting technology of precious metals and their alloys developed greatly.Metal Alloys

     The two furnaces are still the main melting equipment of precious metals. There are more than 50 platinum group metal alloy systems available for application. This precious metal alloy is widely used in various industrial sectors. Since the 70 's, continuous casting, extrusion, composite (including coating) and other technologies have gradually been applied to the precious metal alloy industry, more and more alloy varieties, product quality has been increasing, the use of more extensive.Metal Alloys

      The production of gold, silver and its alloys in China has a long history (see metallurgical History), and a small batch of platinum group metal alloys began in 1964. After that, the scale and variety of the research and production gradually expanded.Metal Alloys

     Precious metal alloys are used almost as functional materials. Precious metal alloy has a variety of classification methods: According to matrix metal can be divided into silver-based alloy, gold base alloy, platinum base alloy and palladium base alloy, etc. can be divided into electric contact alloy, temperature-measuring alloy, resistance alloy, resistance strain alloy, elastic alloy, magnetic alloy, catalyst, hydrogen permeation material, cathode material of electron tube and glass fiber leaking board material, solder material, As well as crucible materials, decorative alloys, dental metal materials and coins alloy (see coin metal).Metal Alloys

    The application characteristics of noble metal alloys are: less (volume and quantity), small (small size of single items and components), fine (high technical requirements, often used in key areas), wide (almost all modern science and technology fields and industrial production sectors are required) expensive (price).Metal Alloys