Resource Shortage Of Refractory Materials

      A class of inorganic non-metallic materials with no less than 1580 Shan. The degree of fire resistance refers to the temperature at which the conical specimen of the refractory material resists high temperature without softening the melting. But only by the fire resistance definition can not fully describe the refractory, 1580 Shan is not absolute. It is now defined as the refractory material which allows it to be used in high-temperature environments. Refractories are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, silicate, power and other industrial fields, in the metallurgical industry with the largest amount of total production of $number.Refractory Materials
     Since 2001, in the Steel, nonferrous, petrochemical, building materials, such as high temperature industrial development of the strong pull, refractories industry to maintain a good growth situation, has become the world's refractory production and export power. 2011 China's refractories production accounted for about 65% of the world, production and sales of the world's first refractory. In 2001-2010, the production of refractory raw materials and products grew steadily, with the "XV" at the end of about twice times 2001 years, and the 2010 national production of refractory products amounted to 28.0806 million tons, about 3 times times the end of "XV". As of 2011, China's refractory industry has a total of more than 1917 enterprises, employing more than more than 300,000 people, to achieve sales revenue of 337.679 billion yuan, the realization of product sales profit of 47.737 billion yuan. However, because of the disordered mining, the low processing technology, the lower level of comprehensive utilization of resources and the serious waste, the above-mentioned mineral resources, especially the high grade refractory raw materials have been less and fewer, saving resources and comprehensive utilization of resources have become the urgent task.Refractory Materials
     The development of refractory industry is closely related to the reserves of domestic mineral resources. Bauxite, magnesite and graphite are three main refractory materials. China is one of the world's three largest bauxite exporters, magnesite reserves the world's first, or graphite export power, rich resources to support the Chinese refractories through the rapid development of 10 years. At the same time, many Chinese refractories enterprises, enterprise size, technology, control technology, equipment, the level of uneven, advanced production and backward mode of production coexist. Industry overall clean production level is not high, the task of energy saving and emission reduction is arduous.Refractory Materials