Silicon Carbide Related Production Process

The production method of silicon carbide is basically the same as that of the traditional process equipment. The insulation material, the reaction material and the furnace core are distributed in the resistance furnace from outside to inside. The furnace core is rectangular box, especially the furnace core in the resistance furnace Is the width of the ratio of the width and height of the resistance furnace according to the furnace should be as large as possible, the power supply for the silicon carbide decomposition temperature of the temperature control.Silicon Carbide 

Can make the production of silicon carbide, the quality can be improved, electricity, coal consumption is reduced, but also effective control of the furnace, easy CO gas recovery.Silicon Carbide Silicon carbide has two main crystal forms: b-SiC and a-SiC. b-SiC is a face-centered cubic sphalerite type structure with lattice constant a = 0.4359nm. a-SiC is a high temperature structure of SiC, belonging to hexagonal system, which has many variations.Silicon Carbide The refractive index of silicon carbide is very high, in the ordinary light of 2.6767 ~ 2.6480. The density of various crystalline silicon carbide close to a-SiC generally 3.217g / cm3, b-SiC is 3.215g / cm3. Pure silicon carbide Is colorless and transparent, industrial SiC due to containing free Fe, Si, C and other impurities made of light green or black. The hardness of green silicon carbide and black silicon carbide is basically the same at high temperatures of intestinal anastomosis. SiC thermal expansion coefficient is not, in the 25 ~ 1400 ℃ average thermal expansion coefficient of 4.5 × 10-6 / ℃. The silicon carbide has a high thermal conductivity and 64.4 W / (m · K) at 500 ° C. SiC is a kind of semiconductor at room temperature.Silicon Carbide

Synthetic silicon carbide used in the raw materials is mainly SiO2 as the main component of the pulse quartz or quartz sand and C as the main component of the petroleum coke, low grade silicon carbide available ash anthracite as raw material. Auxiliary raw materials for wood chips and salt. Silicon carbide has two kinds of black and green. Smelting green silicon carbide when the requirements of silicon raw materials in the SiO2 content as high as possible, the content of impurities as low as possible. Production of black silicon carbide, silicon raw materials in the SiO2 can be slightly lower. The requirements for petroleum coke are as high as possible for fixed carbon content, less than 1.2% ash content, less than 12.0% volatile, and petroleum particle size usually below 2mm or 1.5mm. Wood chips are used to adjust the permeability of the charge, usually in the amount of 3% to 5% by volume. Salt is used only when smelting green silicon carbide.Silicon Carbide