Silicon SlagTape You Understand The Silicon Products Industry

    Silicon slag generally refers to the remaining part of the ore after refining, but also contains a certain amount of silicon. Silicon slag is divided into many kinds, industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag, semiconductor silicon slag and so on. Silicon slag can be used to melt the recrystallization, purification, now silicon shortage, expensive.
    What is a silicon product? Silicon content of more than 14% to 99%, the remainder of impurities or another (individual two) main elements, through the smelting of alloys commonly known as silicon products. Usually include industrial silicon, ferrosilicon, silicon barium, silicon carbide, calcium, etc., the most commonly used for industrial silicon, ferrosilicon two kinds. Smelting any silicon product must involve the ore (including SiO2) of this raw material, mining will destroy forests, vegetation, while smelting process will also produce a large number of pollution (such as co, excessive dust, etc.), is a consumption of resources, high pollution, low technical content of the metallurgical industry. Therefore, the developed countries generally do not produce, mainly rely on imports. Because of the wide use of silicon products (automotive industry, information Industry) and decided that its largest consumer is developed areas, so the production of silicon products in developing countries, in addition to their own consumption, most of the export for foreign exchange.Silicon Slag
   Smelting of silicon products must have the following two basic conditions: Shan of their own environment to purify the capacity of the place (also allow the production of light sources of pollution); Shan Rich low-cost power supply, because silicon smelting for the high-energy industry, in industrial silicon for example, each ton of finished product electricity average 12000 degrees, usually only low-cost water and electricity (from 0.2 to 0.5 yuan per degree) as the production of energy. Because of heavy pollution, energy-intensive silicon smelting enterprises can only be distributed in remote, hydro-rich (individual thermal power) of the region, and due to electric tension, in the dry season often due to electricity rationing and production or shutdown.
   Use of silicon products. Industrial silicon, commonly known as metal silicon or crystalline silicon, strictly speaking industrial silicon does not belong to the Ferroalloy industry, in the custom because of industrial silicon smelting using ore-heat furnace, the industrial silicon to the ferroalloy industry. Industrial silicon refers to the silicon content is greater than or equal to 98.5% of the pure silicon products, including iron, aluminum, calcium (in order) of the three kinds of impurity content into small categories, such as 553, 441, 331, 2202 and so on. 553 of them represent that the industrial silicon containing iron is less than or equal to 0.5%, with aluminum less than or equal to 0.5%, calcium content is less than or equal to 0.3%; 331 industrial silicon represents iron less than or equal to 0.3%, containing aluminum is less than or equal to 0.3%, calcium is less than equal to 0.1%, and so on, because of the habit of 2202 also abbreviated to 220 represents calcium less than or equal to 0.02%, 2 beginning of industrial silicon is also Silicon Slag
   The main use of industrial silicon: industrial silicon as an additive to non-ferrous alloys. Industrial silicon is also used as an alloy for demanding silicon steel, and for smelting special steels and non-ferrous alloy deoxidation agents. Industrial silicon after a series of processing, can be drawn into monocrystalline silicon, for use in the electronics industry, in the chemical industry for the production of silicone, so it has magic metal, the use of a wide range.Silicon Slag