Simple Understanding Of The Characteristics And USES Of Silicon Carbide

The silicon carbon ball is a kind of monocrystalline silicon carbon alloy product, vacuum extruded into ball and dried products.

It can be used as a substitute for silicon iron, and no dust pollution can be produced in the furnace, quick reaction speed and cost reduction are a new way in the process of steel making.

Silicon carbon ball process stability, and compared with original deoxidation alloying technology, the chemical composition of new deoxidation alloying process steel internal control rate is increased by 10% ~ 18%, the tensile strength of HRB335, HRB400 rebar increase an average of 10 MPa.


The recovery rate of alloy is stable, the recovery rate of silicon carbide is basically equivalent to that of the original process, and the recovery ratio of carbon element is higher than that of the original carbon.

The recycling rate of carbon in carbon powder is only 65 % ~ 75 %, while the recovery rate of carbon element in silicon carbon is above 80 %.


The reaction heat generated when the silicon carbon element is oxidized can reduce the use of electricity and shorten the operation time.


When producing manganese steel and chromium steel, adding a proper amount of silicon carbon can reduce the loss of manganese and chromium.


Generally speaking, the packaging of the silicon carbon pellets is packaged with plastic film composite, and can be packaged in other forms according to user's requirements.

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