The Cause Of Diameter Expansion In Metering Nozzle

Although the current steel market is shrinking, the industry of steel processing is still an important part of heavy industry. Its weight has dropped, but remained high production output. So it is particularly important to improve the quality of steel processing. In the course of processing steel, deoxidizer and reductant greatly improve the quality of steel processing. And tundish metering nozzle has been widely used in iron casting, mainly in casting steel billets. However, metering nozzle will expand when using. Then what's the cause?


Tundish metering nozzle is used in the tundish casting without slag stopper. Its casting speed depends on the height of molten steel and inner diameter of the nozzle. When the height is constant, the speed is only up to inner diameter of the nozzle. Obviously, it is necessary to keep small change of inner diameter in the whole process of casting. Metering nozzle is made of ZrSiO4 and ZrO2. When casting the steel of high manganese, the manganese in the steel will react with SiO2 in the nozzle and form a low-melting-point manganous silicate along with the molten steel which can corrode the nozzle leading to diameter expansion.


We usually use zirconium materials to produce the sizing nozzle because it is hard to be sintered which can effectively avoid diameter enlargement. However, if the degree of sintering is not good,the hardness will be reduced and also cause the diameter expansion. We can select contents of zirconium according to the casting time. The more the zirconium has, the longer the using life will be.


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