The Concrete Analysis Of The Market Of Ferro Silicon

    The current Ferrosilicon market, the manufacturers are still strong quotes, but the polarization of the situation, large manufacturers offer high, but the deal is not ideal, small manufacturers to market, but the deal is difficult to volume. It is reported that the current market 72 mainstream transaction price in 4400 yuan/ton, microcrystalline mainstream transaction price in 4550-4600 yuan/ton. And some companies are still executing orders before. In addition, the current is at the end of the period, is also the factory one months lean period, do not exclude manufacturers to ease the pressure of funds and low-cost shipments.Ferro Silicon
    And traders now say that purchasing will is not strong, on the one hand because of weak demand, on the other hand is because the current situation is not clear, there are goods manufacturers quote firm, no goods of the provisional price, and traders are looking for low-cost supply, resulting in the overall market wait-and-see, all the dust settles still waiting for the steel factory tender situation after the clear.Ferro Silicon
    This week, the price of Ferrosilicon market changes little, prices compared to last week is actually a decline, can also be said to be rational. The market is more chaotic, manufacturers offer is not the highest, only higher, but the river steel price after finalizing, the actual rise of 100 yuan/ton, the manufacturers before the high prices in the spot market is difficult to deal with, of course, the price of market. In fact, the current market spot is still tight, remove the high silicon and high-purity production, in fact, the production of silicon is only 36,000 tons, and the Ningxia region manufacturers are to produce 72 ferrosilicon mainly, there are metal magnesium factory production microcrystalline, but all are produced, no external sales, the current production of nearly 60,000 tons of silicon in the month;     Gansu Province in the production of Pu-si factory and Gansu Xing Yuan, the monthly production of less than 10,000 tons; Inner Mongolia region is the largest production province, only the West Gold and June is the monthly output of 130,000 tons, There are other small manufacturers of the volume, add up also has 15,000 tons, although the environmental protection part of the enterprise shutdown, but because the big manufacturers are not affected, in fact, the supply volume has decreased, but not many. Ferrosilicon's current monthly output and monthly consumption are basically flat, and supply and demand on both sides of the basic balance. And at present, the market spot of Ferrosilicon has been in the low interval, factory inventory, order production more, in fact, if there is an opportunity, the price is able to usher in the increase, but the large manufacturers have considered that the price rise too much, causing the start rate increased, manufacturers of the recovery that outweighs the. High Silicon ferrosilicon is still stable operation in the near future, the transaction price stability in 93 8200 yuan/ton around, the current conversion of the manufacturers of high silicon more open, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Qinghai have. $number Ferrosilicon Inner Mongolia manufacturers due to environmental protection cut-off, there is no spot.Ferro Silicon