The Manufacturing Method Of Deoxidizer

The manufacturing method of the deoxidation agent and the refractory silicon carbide is in principle the same as that of the black sic abrasive, but because of the low requirement of the product purity, the requirements of the smelting materials are wide, the grading is very different, and the granulation process is simplified.Deoxidizer 

Carbon materials for the manufacture of deoxidation agents and refractory silicon carbide are most economical with low ash anthracite or excess waste produced from black-green silicon carbide. If the long-term production, the source of waste material is limited, preferably anthracite.Deoxidizer

Grading process: After cooling to remove the waste material and oxygen silicon carbide (Huang), from the crystallization tube classification of sic97% and 88% of products. The grading limit can be determined by chemical analysis according to the user's needs. Deoxidation Agent and refractory silicon carbide processing, no acid and alkali washing and particle size shaping process, only requirements broken. The large portion of the grain size is mixed. Most foreign businessmen require 0~10mm or 0~50mm.Deoxidizer

Active packaging is a packaging technology that can perceive environmental change and react by changing its characteristics, which is based on the dynamic principle of interaction between food and environment. Active packaging technology involves the mechanism of interaction between food, packaging materials and internal gases, and its corresponding control technology, and its typical technologies include deoxidation technology, antimicrobial agent technology, and control techniques for undesirable odor, moisture and carbon dioxide. Deoxidation agent can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and aerobic bacteria, prolong the shelf life of food, in the prevention of oil in food spoilage, prevent the oxidation of meat browning and prevent the loss of vitamins in food can also play a very good role.Deoxidizer

The commonly used reaction principle of deoxidation agent is iron powder oxidation (iron system), enzyme oxidation (enzyme system), ascorbic acid oxidation, light sensitive dye oxidation, etc. Most of the Deoxidation agents currently in use are based on iron powder oxidation reactions. This kind of iron-series Deoxidation agent can be made into a bag, in the packaging, so that the concentration of oxygen to 0. 1%.Deoxidizer