The Type Of Mechanism For Zirconia Insert And The Working Principle

Sampling detection method is through the guide tube, the measured gas into the zirconia detection chamber, and then through the heating element to heat the zirconium oxide to the working temperature (750 ℃ above). Zirconia is generally tubular, the electrode using porous platinum electrode. The advantage is that it is not affected by the temperature of the detected gas and that the oxygen content in the various temperature gases can be detected by using different diversion tubes, which are used in many industrial on-line inspections. The porous platinum electrode is susceptible to the corrosion of sulfur and arsenic in the gas and the clogging of the fine dust. The porous platinum electrode is susceptible to the corrosion of the sulfur and arsenic in the gas, and the dust is easy to be affected. Heater generally use electric furnace wire heating, life is not long.Zirconia Insert

In-line detection is the direct insertion of zirconia into the high temperature measured gas, the direct detection of oxygen content in the gas, this detection method suitable for detection of gas temperature in the 700 ℃ ~ 1150 ℃ (special structure can also be used for 1400 ℃ high temperature ), Which uses the high temperature of the measured gas to reach the operating temperature of zirconia, without the need for additional heaters. The key technology of the in-line oxygen probe is the high temperature sealing and electrode problem of the ceramic material. The following lists the two inline oxygen probe structure.Zirconia Insert

As the need to directly insert the zirconia in the detection of gas, the length of the oxygen probe has a higher demand, the effective length of 500mm ~ 1000mm or so, the special environment length up to 1500mm. And the detection accuracy, work stability and service life are very high requirements, so the in-line oxygen probe is difficult to use the traditional zirconia oxygen probe overall zirconia tubular structure, and take more technical requirements of higher zirconia and oxidation Aluminum pipe connected to the structure. Sealing performance is one of the most critical technologies for this zirconia oxygen probe.Zirconia Insert At present, the most advanced connection method is the permanent welding of zirconia and alumina tube, and its sealing performance is excellent. Compared with the sampling mode, the in-line inspection has obvious advantages: the direct contact gas of zirconia , High detection accuracy, fast response, less maintenance.Zirconia Insert