The Unique Properties Of The Deoxidizer

Deoxidizer for food not only can effectively inhibit the deterioration of the quality of the contents, but also to maintain the original food color, smell, taste pests, bacteria growth, maintenance of nutrients, to extend the preservation time, so the use of deoxidizer preservation Food is a high quality, effective, convenient and safe packaging collection method.

Deoxidizer is the most commonly used iron series of deoxidizer and sulfite deoxidizer.Deoxidizer Deoxidation of deoxidizer is based on chemical reactions, so its oxygen removal capacity with the reaction series, time, temperature and other conditions vary. When the quick-acting deoxidizer is present in the sealed container, the free oxygen can be reduced to less than 1% in about one hour and eventually to 0.2%. Slow deoxidizer takes 12-24 hours, but the ultimate deaeration capacity is the same, free oxygen can be reduced to 0.2% or less.Deoxidizer Deoxidizer commonly used reaction principle iron oxide oxidation (iron), enzyme oxidation (enzyme), ascorbic acid oxidation, light sensitive dye oxidation. Most of the currently used deoxidizers are based on iron oxide oxidation. This iron-based deoxidizer can be made into a bag, into the package, so that the concentration of oxygen down to 0.01%. General requirements lg iron powder and 300mL of oxygen reaction, the use of the amount of oxygen after packaging and the oxygen permeability of the packaging film to choose the appropriate amount.Deoxidizer

Deoxidizer as a new material for food preservation has its unique advantages. It is filled with food in the same container, deoxidizer absorbs the oxygen in the container, so that the container was anaerobic state, food can be preserved. But the deoxidizer raw materials must have a stable response, no smell and no harmful gases such as natural side effects, in case of eating on the human body is also harmless. Deoxidizer is generally used as the basic raw material of iron powder, used in general food, can maintain food quality and prolong shelf life. It can prevent grease oxidation and prevent fading and keep nutrient in healthy food. Foreign deoxidizer has been widely used in wet bread powder, wet surface, wet fans, wet snacks, semi-dried fish products and other food.Deoxidizer