Topchase Intended The Iran Exhibition

The 14th Iran International Exhibition of Iran Metafo hold in  Tehran from 4th to 7th Dec. , 2017.

As a well-known brand in the metallurgical refractory industry, Topchase participated in this grand event. The show focused on displaying the Topchase's dominant products :aluminum carbon nozzle, zirconium nozzle, quick change and metering tundish nozzle, silicon carbon alloy, high-carbon ferrosilicon and other ferroalloys which  attracted great attention of domestic and foreign merchants.

Topchase products are favored by many new and old customers. Many merchants attended the show and expressed great interest in our products exhibited . This exhibition, with many customers reached a cooperation agreement or intention,  counterparts also  had a friendly exchange and communication,  making  a lot of new friends, knowing more of  the latest market of refractory industry in Iran, broaden the international  horizon

which  brings new opportunities and development to Topchase .