Tundish Nozzle Functions


Tundish nozzles may  suffer  chemical erosion, mechanical erosion and stress spalling when used during casting .These problems usaully reflects in   expanding, bursting, and falling off, which can resulting in beaking off of casting. Therefore, sizing nozzle should have good erosion  resistance,  anti-spalling , and good thermal shock resistance. No problems such as burst ,cracking and expanding of diameter should be allowed during use.

Zirconia ceramic sizing nozzle advantages: good anti-erosion performance, long service life  to maintain a stable diameter without expansion, without frequent replacement tundish, reduce production costs and improve  working  efficiency.

Features of Tundish nozzles:

Sizing nozzle and changable nozzle is one of the key refractory materials for continuous casting .

Good quality nozzles and zircon inserts always has  the following properties:

1 Guide molten steel  flow into the mould.

2 Control the flow of molten steel and naking it’s speed stable .

3 Maintain the liquid level in the mold.

4 Improve continuous casting efficiency and increase continuous casting sequences.

5 Guaranteed billet quality .


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