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The silicon ball deoxidizer is used as a substitute for ferrosilicon. It has been successfully used in many big steel mills.  There is no  dust pollution when put into furnance, the reaction speed is fast,  cost is low,  economic benefit is good.


After extensive applying  in steel mills, the silicon ball performance  is stable, rebar  tensile strength can be increased by 10 MPA on average.

 Silicon ball yield rate is good , the  carbon yield  rate is greatly improved compared with using traditional recarburizers. When using carbon powder , the carbon yield rate  is 65%-75%, and the silicon yiled rate is above 80% by using silicon ball .


Product advantages:

1 The thermal energy generated by the silicon element  can reduce electricity consuption, saving energy .

2 When producing manganese steel and chrome steel,  can reduce manganese and chromium loss.

3 Can improve the furnace temperature, increasing molten iron  fluidity, and effectively discharge slag.

4  Uniform particle size, saving fuel use.



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