Graphite Powder

Product Details

 Quick Details

Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)


Size:100-12000 mesh

Carbon Content:High-Carbon

Appearance:Black powder 


High-purity graphite  powder´╝îthere are  model number of  001, 01, 1 and other specifications of colloidal graphite powder (carbon content 99.99%): -100 mesh, -200 mesh, -325 mesh, -400 mesh, -600 mesh, -800 mesh, -1200 mesh, -2000 mesh, -3000 mesh, -5000 mesh, -8000 mesh, -10000 mesh, -12000 mesh, 10um%, 5um%, 3um%, 2um %, 1um% etc, mainly used in pen , powder metallurgy, lubricants, grease, dry battery, conductive coating, lubrication coating, science and technology commission, scientific research institutions, Civil nuclear powerl and aerospace .


Product Usage

1. Used as a high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant lubricant base

2. Precision casting sand, rubber, plastic filler (can improve the wear resistance and electrical conductivity of rubber, plastic)

3. It is a metal alloy and powder metallurgy carbon material used to make carbon film resistors.

4. Also used as gasket coating for high pressure steam lines and high temperature pipe connectors.

5. Also used as a carrier for graphite resistors and catalysts.


Main performance characteristics: low ash content, high purity, ultra-high purity graphite powder ash content less than 10ppm; good particle size stability, good batch quality consistency.

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