Ladle Filler Stuffing Sand

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Place of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)



Refractoriness (Degree):1750°< Refractoriness< 2000°



ladle chromite filler stuffing sand

Bulk density (g/cm3):




The stuffing sand  is mainly made up of imported high-purity chrome sand  . It is suitable for steelmaking processes with long refining times such as LF, VD, and RH. The main component is SiO2 ≥ 40%, refractoriness > 1800,  bulk density (t/m3) is 2.3-2.6.


Product advantages: When adding the stuffing sand , the sand blaster is used and stacked into a cone shape to prevent the molten steel from scouring and affecting the self-opening rate. In short-flow steelmaking, it has good fluidity, high refractoriness, large specific gravity, fast flow rate, proper thickness of sintered layer, and resistance to molten steel erosion and penetration.


Function and performance: anti-steel  erosion and penetration, ladle self-flowing rate  more than 99%, greatly reducing the labor intensity, reducing oxygen drainage, improving the quality of steel products, ensuring the  continuous casting process goes smoothly .

Operation method:

1 Feeding sand  to ladle before tapping.

 2 Can feed by hand or  use feeding machine,  using  sand filling device is more ideal. Quantity is according to the size of well block and nozzle , the sand pile should be formed in a mountain-packed shape 5 to 10 cm higher than the bottom of  ladle.


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