Low Porosity Zirconia Nozzle

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Zirconia nozzle is used for tundish, which has high melting point, good corrosion resistance to molten steel slag, and long service life. Its service life is closely related to the zirconia content and density . the zirconia content and density  is higher, the nozzle has better erosion and erosion resistance .TOPCAHSE tundish nozzle guarantees no steel leakage, no cracking, ensure continuous casting stable  and safe operation.


The upper nozzle  is embedded in the well block block,  service life is longer than collect  nozzle . It is generally made of aluminum carbon, corundum or mullite. In order to improve the performance of upper nozzle ,small amount of Cr2O3 and ZrO2 are sometimes added to improve the corrosion resistance of the nozzle brick. The main factors of upper nozzle are: chemical erosion and erosion of  molten slag; mechanical damage during installation; damage caused by oxygen lancing.


Collect nozzle is mainly used to control the molten flow , it is required to have high erosion resistance and good volume stabilit,no diameter change during use . The material is mainly high alumina, aluminum carbon and aluminum zirconium. The main reasons of damage are:  erosion of molten steel slag, cracking or fracture caused by temperature change, oxgen lancing . In order to improve it’s the thermal shock resistance , collect nozzle is installed in the iron sleeve to prevent cracking. Try to avoid oxygen lancing when pouring.





Zircon Core

Outer body

ZrO2+HfO2 %



Al2O3   %



C       %



B.D  g/cm3



A.P %



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