High Refractoriness Special Slag Stopping Ball For Global

Product Details

Quick Details
 Place of Origin:  Henan, China (Mainland)
 Shape:  Ball
 Material:  Magnesia powder/Silica powder/Bauxite
 SiO2 Content (%):  6.5%
 Al2O3 Content (%):  38.3%
 MgO Content (%):  35.5%
 CaO Content (%):  NONE
 Refractoriness (Degree):  1770°< Refractoriness< 2000°
 CrO Content (%):  NONE
 SiC Content (%):  NONE
 Brand Name:  Topchase
 Product Name:  Slag stopping ball
 Diameter:  130-280 mm
 Slot Diameter:  15-40 mm
 Slot Number:  4
 Weight:  4-25 kg
 Density:  3.8-4.2 g/cm3
 Service Temperature:  1750 ℃
 CCS:  20 Mpa
 Working Life:  5-10 minutes
 Production Way:  pouring

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: pallet, wooden case
Delivery Detail: Shipped within 45 days after payment

Product details
Its principle is to use the density of retaining the ball between steel and slag ,whose bulk density generally is 4.2~4.5g/cm3. At the end of steel-making the stopping ball will get to the tap hole to block the inflow of ladle slag. Its shape is approximately spherical.

 1. High slag resistance, high hardness and high temperature resistance.
 2. Can efficiently reduce the content of slag with good temperature stability when tapping.  
 3. Meet the requirement of blocking slag during tapping .




Cold crushing strength  


specific gravity g/cm3








The chemical composition can be adjusted as per your requirements.

Our service
Our company produce a wide range of slag stopper, cone slag stopper, stopping rod with different specifications and types, mainly include magnesia polyhedron stopper, cone stopping plug,etc. Also they keep a competitive price in the line of market. They have such advantages as great performance on slag(block more than 95% slag), high temperature resistance(more than 1780℃), erosion resistance, easy operation and can be chosen within 4.0-4.5(g/cm3) product density according to the slag viscosity.


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