Refractory Furnance Reparing Material

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Product: repair material of electric arc furnace 

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Place of Origin:Henan,China 


Alumina: 78%

Si: 3-9%

Density :2.5g/cm3

Port of Loading :Tianjin Port ,Qiangdao Port

Delivery Time:15 days

Packing: woven bag, size 1000kg/bag, 500kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 25kg/bag.




 The reparing  material is mainly  used in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, petrochemicals, glass, boilers, electricity, steel mills, cement factories and other industries such as Coke furnaces, glass kilns, blast furnace hot air furnaces, and other industrial kilns.

 It is made of high alumina  material  with low inpurity  , high density  fused magnesia or sintered magnesia ,adding suitable binder and coagulant to provide reasonable adhesion  and high adhesion. Our reparing material  is of good sintering ability , no peeling off , good resistance to erosion and abration, no pollution to molten steel. In hot condition,  furnace can be fed material for continuously  production without extra sintering time, which can greatly improve the production efficiency  and reduce the maintenance time of  furnace. It is an ideal material for repairing diffirent parts of electric furnaces.




Chemical and Physical Materials  



Service Temprature (℃)





Reparing Material






 Features :

1 Good plasticity, easy for construction .

 2 Excellent bonding  strength and good  corrosion resistance.

3 High refractoriness .

4 Long service time and cost effective for client .

5 Long storage time ,smelless  when application.

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