Slag Remover For Iron Casting

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Place of Origin :Henan,China


B. D:1.2g/cm3

Alumina Content:10-13%

Expantion Ratio:15-30

Size:18-30 mesh,30-50mesh


Brand Name:TOPCHA

Package:25/50kg Bag 



The main content of slag remover  are SiO2and  Al2O3, rapidly heated to above 1100 °C, Volume instant expands and forms the sticky active material with a porous structure, which can paste the slag and impurity in the molten iron and molten steel together.

It is mainly used to concentrate the non-melting material on the surface of the molten iron , making slag easy to remove, ensuring the purity of molten steel .It can also be used as a high-quality thermal insulation covering agent, with thick insulation layer, can  effectively isolate the air to prevent secondary oxidation of the iron solution.It is easy use  ,can  reduce labor force and increase production efficiency.


Fuction and features

1. Deslagging and slag removal: High-efficiency slag remover can be used in ladle, tundish and electric furnace. After being evenly spread on the surface of the melt ,and stir it ,which is easy to separate slag from the metal solution, avoiding slag inclusion in the casting and improving the product quality

2.  Do not burst , no stick on  the furnance wall .

3. Good insulate ability ,reduce  the heat loss of molten steel .

4. No polution ,no dust and harmful gas .


Usage:1-3kg for 1 MT metal solution ,can adjust the quantity according to different temprature  and inclusion  of molten solution.


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