Steel Tapping Salg Control Dart For Convertor

Product Details


This product is used for slag blocking during steel tapping .It is an ideal slag controlling product for converter . No fire and  smoke , safe, environmentally friendly and durable.Our slag control dart and slag stopping ball have been tested in many big steel factory such as An Steel ,Wu steel etc. and have received good feedbacks .








In steelmaking, a large amount of slag is produced in the furnace. The steel slag contains a large amount of impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus, which have harmful effects  on the  steel quality.

 Slag dart is  used to strictly control slag amount flowing into ladle. Generally, large-scale converters with a capacity of more than 100 tons are equipped with slag blocking rods (plugs),  100-50 tons  converters use cone slag-removing dart when tapping . Less than 50 tons convertor often use slag-blocking ball .


Using slag control dart  can save refractory materials consumption,  the  slag blocking  efficiency can reaches  99%, effectively stopping sulfur and phosphorus return to molten steel, improving  refining steel quality , greatly reducing the labor intensity ,also can improve  service life of ladle.

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