Tap Hole Clay And Stemming For Blast Furnance

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Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)



Al2O3 Content (%):≥40%

Refractoriness (Degree):1750-2000°

SiC Content (%):≥6%


Application:Blast Furnance

Packing:ton bag

Port of Loading :Tinajin port ,China

Delivery time :Fast



The taphole clay /Stemming  is a kind of  refractory material used to block the taphole for blast furnance when tapping.It can be divided into anhydrous taphole clay and hydrous taphole clay.

 Hydrous taphole clay is used for  medium and small blast furnaces with low top pressure . Anhydrous taphole clay is for  large and medium-sized blast furnace with high top pressure .

Main  components of the clay are  refractory aggregates and binders such as corundum, mullite, pyrometal ,coke and  phenolic resin.


 Function and Features

1) Blocking taohole  requires good filling performance  and sinterability .

2) To keep stable tapping,the stemming should be easily opened and good corosion and abration resistantance. Strong anti-slag performance.

3) There is no cracks when stemming heated quickly,  the new  and old stemming easy to bond which can protect the hearth .

4) The opening performance is good,  easy to drill.

6) Good volume stability, small volume change at high temperatures, no leakage of molten iron due to shrinkage.

7)Anhydrous stemming comsuption is 1/5 compared than the traditional stemming .


Chemical Physical Property


Chemical Composition

Compression Strength

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