Tundish And Ladle Coating Material

Tundish And Ladle Coating Material
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Place of Origin:

Henan, China (Mainland)

Product name:Refractory  tundish Coating



Material: Alumina

SiO2 Content (%)≤5%

Al2O3 Content (%):≥70%

CaO Content (%):less

Refractoriness (Degree):1750-2000


Certificate:ISO 9001

Port of load:Tianjin port ,China 


TOPCHASE  tundish and ladle coating materials  have the characteristics of good adhesion, strong burst resistance, erosion resistance, peeling resistance, no reacting with  masterbatch.Less pollution of molten steel, the continuous pouring time is greatly increased, service life is long,at the same time  production cost can be reduced for the steel mill. It has been successfully applied in many steel mills.

Using high alumina as main raw material, adding appropriate amount of binder, additives and fiber, etc. with anti-scour, erosion resistance, long service life, good construction performance, not during baking and use cracks, no peeling, easy disintegration, etc., Are of great significance for improving the quality of slabs and reducing the consumption of refractories.


Chemical Physical Property 





Bulk Density(1100℃*24h)g/cm3


 Rupture Strength  (1400℃*3h) Mpa


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