Topchase Zirconia Nozzle Core

Product Details

Excellent high temperature performance as induction heating pipe, refractory material, heating element used. Zirconia ceramics have a sensitive electrical performance parameters, mainly used in oxygen sensors, solid oxide fuel cell (SolidO xideFu elCe ll, SO FC) and high temperature heating body and other fields. ZrO2 has a high refractive index (N-21 ^ 22), in the ultra-fine zirconia powder to add a certain coloring elements (V205, Mo03, Fe203, etc.), it can be made of colorful translucent polycrystalline Zr02 material , Like a natural gem like a sparkling colorful, can be made into a variety of decorations. In addition, zirconia is widely used in thermal barrier coating, catalyst carrier, medical, health care, refractory materials, textile and other fields.

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